17 October 2008

Small town manners?

What do you do/say when someone tells you "How have you gotten so fat"? It's not like this lady is a bosom pal or anything.Mind you, it was after a funeral!
Anyway, one thing I should mention--when I told my husband (on our way back from the funeral) he bristled mildly on my behalf and told me "No, no, you haven't put on any weight or anything. She was just being mean." which was very sweet of him :)


Manasa said...

:) So nice of him.

Me said...

I concur with your husband - i have seen the pics on FB and that statement does not contain any truth at all!!!

Rude woman!

eve's lungs said...

All nonsense - who is she ? Paris Hilton ?Someone whose wife look like a huge sack tied around the middle said the same thing once . told him to put her in the gym first . Joker

Esbee said...

I'd be rather tempted to say something like, "I guess I just look large because I'm happy," then look her up and down pointedly.

You're adorable. AND SO NOT FAT.

SweetAnnee said...

True she's just being mean
let me at her
let me at her
she's just not RIGHT
& no lady!! GRRRR

enjoy Autumn.take the tour sweetie

SweetAnnee said...

some fat lady at work
I would never say that..
BUT it is true and relevant to

told me once

you shouldn't wear that dress again till you loose weight
Oh my
she's a nut
I'm laughing at it now!!

SweetAnnee said...

esbee ..great response..you must be from the UK
took large
I am LOL

Esbee said...

sweetannee, I'm from Winston-Salem, but thank you. (I guess civilized Southerners say the same things as the British, just with a drawl.)

hillgrandmom said...

Welllllll, she's older than me and she said she's lost a great deal of weight recently and I must confess that I almost said--'Then I have hope that I'll lose weight when I get older" but bit my tongue in time :)

Dotm said...

Do you think she was disappointed that no one complimented on her lost weight? Some people just enjoy hurting others feelings, they don`t even care when it isn`t true. People like her eventually will speak to the wrong person and that person will make her wish she didn`t speak so rudely. As they say- what you dish out will eventually come back at you.

Bimbimbie said...

Obviously the weight she was talking about losing must have been her manners ;)

Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

outrageous that some one would make such a statement. Very telling about her manners and sweetness (absence of) of personality.

3inone said...

:) That's so sweet of your husband. And I really don't think you should give any credence to the lady who made the remark. Sometimes people are just rude. SOmetimes they don't realise that their statements are rude. Whichever, it's best to ignore it.

Shellmo said...

I'm apalled that someone found it appropriate to discuss "weight" at a funeral. My gosh, you should have rang her up the next day and ask her if she's gotten uglier since her last remark!
P.S. Kudos to your husband.

Usha said...

I think they should pass a law banning making personal comments like this - I get it all the time and take them quite seriously. And I am no good and giving it back to them either. I know how you felt.

Mary Ann said...

You could smile and say, "and how have you gotten so rude?"

wanderez said...
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wanderez said...

I agree that such comments can can be quite annoying/upsetting, but I guess it is basically small town manners or the lack of it. I have noticed that people do make the most outrageous personal comments in small towns, but most often than not, they don't mean any harm. That's the way they are. Anyway, one of the better options to deal with such comments/people is to turn a deaf ear.