23 September 2008

Onam vacation

There are so many posts in my mind, that I don't know where to begin.
So first I'll start with my Onam vacation. It was good. Having my daughter and grandson around was invigorating. We had wanted to do all the traditional things like put up a rope swing and put an athappoo (flower carpet) and fly kites and I had even got a kite. But it just poured!
For the days of Onam (10th to 12th) we went to a beachside resort. As the monsoon hasn't completely gone, there was very little beach due to the sea erosion. But my grandson was happy with the pool. Anway at least from Onam, for a week after, it stopped raining and we were able to enjoy the traditional Onam nilavu (moonlight). Onam itself was on Friday 11th. But then daughter & grandson had to go to away on Monday to her in-laws and so, when the breezes blew, he wasn't here to fly the kite.
We grandparents had a lovely time for sure and I know daughter did too. Grandson certainly looked like he had a good time--he told me today that he had told his teacher at Pre-school, all about his trip to his grandparents for his holiday. So that should mean he had fun :) Only wish I had thought of taking a picture of him in his Onam finery--mundu and jibba--a miniature version of this picture but without the shawl around the neck.


  1. Ahh... and the little chap will have those memories for a life time, even without a kite! Childhood memories are so strong - I always remember my grandparents with deep affection.

    Happy days!

  2. He will definitely remember. My fondest memories of times w/ my "papa."

  3. holidays...how I miss them...it is always nice to get away from time to time :)


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