04 September 2008

More night walks

The other day the power cut was at 8p.m. When I went for my night ramble, the stars were out--very rare to see during these monsoons. There was a patch of sky over in the South just full of stars. It was beautiful and as there was a power cut there was no light pollution from the street lights. How I wished I knew more constellations. Since I rarely get to see the night sky during this part of the year, I'm not familiar with many of the stars. But I did see Scorpio spread out over a large patch of clear sky that I could see. It was lovely evening.
Walking beneath the stars always makes me feel close to the infinite. When I contemplate the vastness of space and think that here I am, a tiny spot in the universe it meakes me breathless at the thought of how small I am, yet a thinking, sentient being, who can think about what I see. Somehow in this feeling of being insignificant in relation to this whole universe, which I still a part of, makes me feel the presence of the Almighty, the Infinite, so much more.


  1. Girl , you're lucky to see stars and make out their shapes . We count our blessings if we can make one or two out , from the clouds and smoke.

  2. I agree with Mallika. Keep sharing these wonderful skyscapes with us.

  3. Happy Teacher's Day to you too.

  4. Wonderful post :) Monsoon, stars, the infinite :) How relaxed I am feeling now :)

    Keep on writing! I always enjoy reading your posts even if it is through the google reader and I can't always leave you a comment as I wish I could :)

  5. Yes, I often feel that way when I look at the night sky..wondering what part I play in the scheme of life. How small and insignificant we are.

    Like you, when I also wonder whether we are here by fortune or design...how could this all have happen by chance??


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