29 June 2008

I've been reading, on the online newspapers and in the real newspapers, about the oil crisis and the consequent inflation and when you read the news, commentaries and views, the world seems to be spiralling downwards rapidly into a Great Depression and an end to life as we know it almost. It brought to mind a book, 'On the Beach', by Nevil Shute

a book which I found very compelling when I read it, way back in my youth, about the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. The story is based in Australia of the 60s (though published in 1957). As life as we know it breaks down, there is no more oil too. The story is one of despair though, as all life is extinguished gradually, due to radiation exposure.
But then, in contrast, I also now come across articles on alternate energy sources, about how so many people are coming up with newer ways of dealing with a life without petroleum and of newer ways to feed all the people on the planet and there is hope. But I do think that we have each of us to examine ourselves--if we are capable of it--and see how we can change our lives, albeit in small ways, to tackle the future, a future which maybe very different from what we were used to.


  1. I agree, One person doesn't add a lot but one person multiplied by a million makes and incredible impact on improving our situation.

  2. Oh Sue.. On The Beach was a book I adored as a teenager. I read most, if not all, of Nevil Shute's books.But On The Beach was so touching and poignant in a very understated way - I think that's what made it so believable; you don't have to have lots of big drama and fights. And the ending where she sits at the wheel of her big red car as the submarine goes down...
    And maybe because this story IS one that could really become true it's one that you just can't help becoming involved in...it's so sad.

  3. hgm,
    I read "On the Beach" many years ago and loved it. And yes, these days I think of that book very often.

  4. yes Jane, that's what I loved so much about 'On the Beach'--how understated it was.

  5. I remember reading this book in school . It was so much ahead of its times . I have been thinking about it lately so its great to see your post .

  6. Never read the book, but I do hope our economy improves so our grandchildren and great grandchildren have a better future to look forward to.


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