07 December 2007

A tag about windows.

Onedia had done a lovely post on windows and had asked about the ideas of others (including me) on windows. Incidentally, I took the idea of a collage of windows from her post.
Well, let's take the literal windows first,
1. The windows are open to let in fresh air(almost 24x7 in most parts of the house).
2. To catch the breeze, when it's the season for it;
3. To watch the rain;
4. To hear the sounds outside (various bird calls, depending on the time of day, the breeze singing through the trees, children playing, music from the music lessons over at sis-in-law's place)
5. To sit and dream by.

Now for the 'symbolic' window, the windows of my mind..............
Well, I had done this post last year about my mind rooms which had 3 windows looking out. Those windows were open to catch the breezes (I love a strong breeze) and to look at the beauty in the world outside.
But after reading what Onedia had to say about her symbolic windows, I wonder whether my mind windows aren't a bit smoky just now, not clear enough to see clearly, too inward looking? If my windows were clearer I would probably see the beauty in the world outside, the goodness and beauty in the people I meet--in person and on the Net--, people with totally different ideas and opinions from me and who may not like me at all, but still have the right to be out there.

Pictures of windows all taken by daughter in law/son and 2 by me.


  1. I don't think your windows are the least bit smokey. If I thought so, I would not want to take a glimpse into them as I do each time I read one of your posts!

    Each day I eagerly turn on my pc to check my reader for a new post from you or to see if you have wandered through my garden.

    Thanks for the visits!


  2. your blog is so pretty for Christmas. I would like to steal the tree border along the left side.


  3. You're welcome Onedia!

  4. Your blog looks so cheery and festive. When I read Onedia's post on windows it reminded me of your post on rooms - only I couldn't find it on your blog . Made me feel happy to read it :)

  5. On re reading the post on rooms I realise I dont want curtains - lots of sunlight - if I want shade I draw the louvred shutters down a little way .

  6. another tag for you do take it up.

  7. What a lovely collage! I also like windows to watch the rain.

    "To sit and dream by" I couldn't agree more :)


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