02 November 2007

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At the pre-school I teach at, there is a Club for the young mothers, which was the brain child of the owner/founder of the school. She felt that many of the young mothers needed support, encouragement to bring out their talents, a place for them to let their hair down and bring them out of themselves. She felt that indirectly helped the children. Besides, young mothers with children in the same age group, got to meet and could compare notes and see they weren't alone in dealing with some of the problems they may encounter. Even once their children leave the school, they have the option of continuing in the Club. We teachers are de-facto members of the Club. Besides we have all had at least one child who studied there :)
Anyway today, the Mother's Club had their Diwali celebration, with a light lunch with Bhelpuri and mithais too. I was there to dance Dandiya with young girls, many of whom are only a bit older than my children! But after that I somehow feel OLD, even though I know I kept up with them quite well. I somehow felt that I should step to the side and let these young girls have their space and its their time for their place in the sun.
Well, a little music and solitaire is guaranteed to make me feel better.


  1. What a nice idea.feel like starting one in my complex too.And your Dobe looks majestic.

  2. yes HHg I think it was great idea.


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