06 September 2007

Just an interim(while I think out stuff for 2 tags)
One of my favourite pieces of music--

Terrific version.
Me's comment reminded me I hadn't put a name to the above. It's Dave Brubeck with 'Take Five'.


Me said...

Oh that is pretty, I seem to heard it before. What is it called?
PS: Your pictures are brilliant!

annie said...

I just wanted to visit your blog and tell you that you have made my husband want to visit India. He loves your photos. I told him to leave a comment on your blog and tell you, but, being a man, he didn't. But, he still enjoys your blog! And my daughter loves it too. I just wanted to tell you that my family is a fan of 'Life on a Hill'.

eve's lungs said...

Tell me do you like the name I've kept for you on my blogroll? And yes the bougainvillea has sprouted green leaves- no flowers yet,though.

hillgrandmom said...

Me-That piece of music is 'Take Five' By the Dave Brubeck quartet.
Annie & Me thanks for the kind comments about my photos--all taken wit my phone & then adjusted c/o Irfan view(thanks for that Annie).
Eve, yes I do like the name. But I'm not chic at all you know--more the ethnic type(as in the old khadi kurta wearing, jhola carrying type).

Geets said...

HEY!!!U R Tagged!!!!