02 August 2007

Tagged by HHG

Hiphop Grandmom had tagged me a long long while ago, to do the thinking blogger tag. I really am sorry that I took so long to do the tag. I’ve been doing a number of things and not really using my comp all that much. So here is the tag at last.

Firstly let me say that I really liked the way the way HHG did the tag. So I have decided to do a group thing like hers. Now for me to tell you about the blogs that make me think—

  1. Blogs by psychologists: I am deeply in interested in psychology and that kind of thing, besides which I go through phases of real depression. So I am always attracted to blogs of that kind. In that category there were two. One is Make the Most of U : This was one of the earliest blogs I read. I was feeling tired and depressed and also looking for blogs written by women. This blog gave me a big lift. Pam is a professional of course and so many of her topics are meant to be inspiring. The second one was called Love Honor and Dismay. Unfortunately Dr. Andrew, the blogger, has quit blogging for now.
  2. Then there are 2 older people’s blogs, both of which I found when I was searching for blogs for my mother by people nearer her age.The first one is Dot’s thoughts. I love her blog because she is so inspiring. Dot is not in the flush of youth. But the amount she does is truly amazing and an inspiration. The other blog is Monk’s progress. He really does make me think.
  3. The 3rd group is people who try to find things to be happy about. One blog is the Daily Three. Shari is an inspiration for the way she deals with the difficulties in her life. There are more of those
  4. Then of course there are all the many Indian bloggers I read, mostly women though. I confess that I read mostly women’s blogs. There is Hiphop grandmom, and 3inone’s blog(though she too says she’s off blogging for while) and Rohini’s blog and various blogs I read off other’s blogs but haven’t added to my blog roll yet.
  5. As a 5th I want to add Blogher, which is not technically a blog but a group of women bloggers only. It is fascinating because you can find—and read clips—from blogs by women on all kinds of subjects. Anyone can join up too.

I’m not tagging anyone. But anyone who reads this is welcome to take up the tag.


  1. Good list.And thanks for doing it.I agree about dotm.Must check out the rest.

  2. Hillgrandmom-Loved your grouped list. From now on, if I get tagged, I'll break the rules and have people tag themselves. I always worry if they don't like that or they don't have time for that. This way everyone's happy.

  3. Hillgrandmom, bless your heart - thank you for the very sweet compliment and for being such a wonderful supporter of Make the Most of U. :) I truly appreciate it and you!!

  4. Anonymous9:39 pm


    Your blog is LOVELY. I love your pictures. It's a rather dreary day in New York City today and it was inspiring to look at your pictures.

    I have a blog by a psychologist (since I am one)

    Don't know it's your area of interest or not , but nice to meet you anyway!

    Liz Margoshes



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