22 August 2007

Here's one more picture. It's of the heliconia, growing jungle-like in the side yard.


  1. is it from this u can suck out the nectar?..nah, I think thats from the banana florets..

    I hve seen these in the Palace compounds in thrivandrum...nice.

  2. these just look like vazhas, but there are no fruit. As you said you suck the nectar from the banana florets.

  3. Sue I love the misty beautiful picture on your header . Makes me want to take off on a long trip to God's own country

  4. I love the wild growing plants. I miss being able to climb down into the woods where some grew by the stream. Much of the swampy area has dried up over the years causing many of the wild plants to disappear. No more beautiful skunk flowers, or wild violets or lady slipprs, or large ferns, and so many other wild plants. Tree growth has slowly been crowding out everything.
    Nice pictures.


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