06 July 2007

I feel really, really low. One reason is that a close family friend is very ill and in pain and feeling helpless to ease that is truly depressing. Then there is the fact that my husband is feeling a bit low and that mostly gets me down(guess we've been married too long for it not to). Then there is this reason, which although I'm a professed feminist I can't get out off, is that being a bad & unenthusiastic cook makes me less of a woman(read wife and mother). I know it's stupid and my daughter for one is going to jump on me for that, but every now and then the feeling just takes over. Lastly it is the knowledge that my son & daughter-in-law are leaving in 2 days to live abroad has become too solid for me to avoid facing anymore. Their things have all been moved here and I've been putting things where I want them little by little. But today, when I put away all the food they had in their fridge, it all became just too real and I felt like I'd been socked in the stomach. I realise I'm not unique(after all there are ever so many NRIs* & PIOs* out there) and they are going forth to better their lives. But it still feels awful. But somehow been able to carry on, with the occasional computer time helping immensely. Nothing like playing mindless games! Wish me luck to get over the next couple of days.
*NRI--Non-resident Indian, PIO--Person of Indian Origin


  1. I send you a gentle hug. That's all.

  2. Sending you hugs too!!!

  3. A tight HUG , Sue . You're a strong girl.

  4. I'm sorry that your family is moving. I haven't been married for very long, and when my husband is down in the dumps, it certainly sends my mood diving.

    At least you know why you're feeling so low. It will all pass.

  5. My son married and only moved about a 5-6 hours drive away in an other state and I felt the emptyness without him. I was happy when years later him and his family moved closer to home. So, I do understand your feelings when your son is moving even further away- to another country. Thank goodness for computers and cams so you can talk free and also see the person you are talking to. It should make the distance a little easier to handle.
    Hope your friend improves and your husband feels better soon.

  6. Ams - you are right, I am going to jump on you about the cooking - firstly because no matter what you say, you are not a bad cook! I remember pretending to be asleep on the eve of my birthdays although the fantastic smell of the yummy chocolate cake you were staying up to bake was keeping me very much awake. i also like your ball curries and your coffee ice-creams to name a few. Secondly, and more importantly, how the hell can not being a good cook make you less of a woman, i just dont get it!

    about ro and beccs moving away - now that's something that i cant really console you about cept ofcourse offer that you come and spend some quality time with your grandson to make the blues go away!


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