13 July 2007

Am in Chennai now to see of my son and wife. I've been managing to hold on ok, more so that I am here now and with all my kids and my grandson. Went out for a big city haircut(turned out awful in my opinion) and sitting in the car with grandson in my lap gave me such a warm feeling. Will put them on the plane on Sunday and then leave here Monday evening. Will probably need to blog badly when they leave!


  1. You know, those haircuts always look awful!!!! I once had my haircut done in New York at a really nice place that I could only have ever dreamed of before... and It is the WORST haircut I've ever gotten.


    I don't know why that is.

  2. A kablillion hugs now.

    My hair is bone straight. I get the same cut all the time, a chin-length bob. Then I grow it out until it gets too long again. I've tried variation haircuts, and inevitably, they look ridiculous.

  3. Haircuts. Ahh. Sometimes you get a good one, and sometimes you don't. I always want to try something different, but I keep going back to the same style. Oh, well. Right now I am growing out the length. I prefer my hair to be at least collarbone length. Oh, wwll.

    I can't imagine how much you will mis your son and his wife. Email and send pictures to each other often. :)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

  4. Anonymous1:28 am

    wish i could write something o make you feel better. what i can do is send a big hug over.

  5. Hi wish I could cheer you up - is Karan going away - if he is then it's sad - if he's not feel happy !

  6. Saw your comment on my post . Yes the waters have receded , its just thatI was busy and then away to Delhi nd Amritsar. Came back today.

  7. When my husband first retired I stopped going to the beauty parlor and started cutting my own hair. This way i know it will end up the way I want it to look.
    Wishing them a safe trip and all the best to you as I know you will miss them.

  8. Hi there- can you please e-mail me at mint underscore chutney at yahoo dot com.

    Thanks! : )


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