10 June 2007

Just a random post.

I’ve been feeling low off and on now, which I’ve been doing my best to fight off because my son & his wife are leaving for the US soon. My son is going to study there and they will probably stay on there, for the next 5 years at least. I think the regular readers of this blog probably know all about it? It’s true that this is a terrific opportunity for them and I am certainly proud of my son’s score in his GMAT and sort of excited for them, but that just does not prevent my feeling low as the day for their departure nears.
When your children first leave home to go to University, it’s tough and I used to feel miserable every time they went back to colleges far away from here. But when they each found someone special and got married, I was really happy for them. So that way this time when he leaves, it’s much better because he’s leaving with his wife & I feel relieved that they are there for each other. But that cannot completely take away the fact that they are going so far away.
My son has been married for 41/2 years and has been living in this town for 6 years. Even though I don’t see them everyday or anything (sometimes not even once in a week), it was a warm feeling to know that they were just a 10min drive away if necessary. Now they are going to a continent on the other side of the world and I can’t pretend it isn’t bringing me down.
But I know it’s best for them and I know they are going to do great there. But I just had to put my feelings down, to share it with my blog friends, because trying to just bury the feelings by reading hasn’t helped much. Well, maybe I should jut keep listening to music a lot more, which seems to help the best. Still another month to go though.


  1. Cherish the time you do have with him and his wife until they leave. Make more memories. I cannot imagine how it is to have a relative so far away.

    Technology is wonderful. Email often, share pictures...I know its not the same, but five years can go fast and can't he visit between semesters? Or maybe you could come and visit him?

    I'll pray for you. Every mother wants their children to stay close and visit often. It's hard when you know it's a great opportunity for him.

  2. oh hgm,
    Many of them.

  3. We'll take good care of them here, I hope.

    I dread the day my sons marry. I haven't any daughters, and I just want to hold my sons close forever, having heard that awful rhyme about sons too many times.

  4. HUGS & more HUGS!

  5. Thanks all of you. Yes we do plan to visit. But most probably only for my son's graduation.

  6. Hugs - dont feel low Susan . make the most of them now . I cant even begin to think of what it will be a few years hence when my older daughter starts to spread her wings . Don't feel sad . You should start planning your trip right now !

  7. Thanks goodness for the internet where we can see them on a cam and also talk- hearing their voices while we look at them. It is much easier than before the internet where we couldn`t see them while we talk. Seeing them does help us to know they are alright.
    It will be hard and you will miss them. Times seem to go by way to fast when they are growing up, but seems so long when we are away from them.
    I wish them the very best.

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