15 June 2007

I'm sitting at my computer with the windows wide open. It's a lovely during-the-monsoon afternoon. The rain has let up for a bit, it's cloudy, but not monsoon dark and there is the strong south-westerly breeze. But as I type (and search for a monsoon picture online) the sky's getting darker and the breeze stronger. It's raining heavily now.
This time though, the beginning of the monsoon has been really bad because of this.
We have just bought homeopathic preventives for everyone. Apparently in the more rural areas of our town, the government dispensaries are handing out these preventives. I do hope we manage to get away with no problem, more so as my son and daughter-in-law have to leave in a month!


  1. Hey Suze, we are coming down to Kerala next week; do you think we should take homeo preventives before reaching there? How effective are these preventives?

    Btw,will I be able to recognize you if I bump into you in some Kottayam shop? LOL! Our river valley villa is nearing completion, I guess.

  2. I don't know how effective the homoeopathic preventive is, but it's worth a try! But do put lots of bug repellent on you like Odomos here or Deet. Worth being careful.
    I'll recognize you I'm sure:) Are you having a reading at DC by any chance?

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  4. I once read a book called Chasing the Monsoon wherein the author Alexander Frater starts on his monumental journey from Thirvanthapuram and ends up at Cherapunji in Assam . Its a beautiful book . We are suffering in this terrible muggy heat

  5. WOW, Hillgrandmom. I read the write ups on the chic,fever, illness and it sounds very scarry. I pray you, your families and other loved ones don`t get bitten and stay healthy.
    I feel for all who have caught the illness. So hard to get rid of mosquitoes with so much dampness around.
    Take care and stay healthy.


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