28 April 2007

This time when I went to Chennai, I realised how much of the 'city girl' is still lurking in me. I have now been living in a small town for almost 34 years. But all those years never seem to have quite got rid of the affinity to cities that I have. I have learnt to appreciate the opposite of the anonymity of the city, but I still enjoy it when I'm there. I love that there are such a wide choice of things to do--even if you don't do them!
But my husband, for whom this has always been his home town, is just desperate to get out of the city--any city--and get back home. He doesn't mind visiting small towns or quiet, laid-back holiday places. But he'd never choose a city to holiday in if he can help it. Luckily, my kids are in cities so that I can visit. (But since this is their home town too, they aren't too happy about life in the city either!) I think next time I ought to go alone! So next vacation, Chennai here I come--alone:)


  1. I like holidaying in quiet spots.The city I'm afraid makes me nervous with all its unruly traffic and long bus/train journeys.may be your stint at kolkata has made you like cities.

  2. i prefer holidaying in the quiet spots. cities, though are in my blood - chennai especially!

  3. hip grandma--kolkata, mumbai, chennai, delhi, bangalore, hyderabad--in fact the only time I was in a small town before marriage was when my father was in Ranchi for a while!
    3inone, I must say i like the new Chennai--much nicer than when I studied there in the 60s.

  4. Coming from far, far away, if I am in a foreign land, I like to start in a city but then move into the countryside. I don't realize how different a place is until I see animals, trees, flowers, and such that I've never seen before.

    If I were to vacation in my own country, I prefer the most isolated beach possible.

  5. hgm,
    i studided in chennai in the 80's. loved the place then. love it now. I go in for weekends and wander all over the place. my heart belongs to my hometown but my soul, it finds its bearings in chennai.
    p.s. i like Mumbai, too. not to live in, but to visit.

  6. Being raised in a small Town with space between the houses, I wouldn`t like living in a city where you can look out your window into the house next door. I like the privacy you feel when the homes are not on top of each other. But, I wouldn`t care to live way out in the country far from any other people.
    But, I do enjoy vacations seeing larger cities, just not crazy for some of their traffic situations there.

  7. I grew up in the outskirts of the city I live in now. I grew up on a small lake. I miss having my own "swimming pool". I miss the quietness and the fact that I could walk without worrying about too many cars.

    In the city, I can walk to places. I could not do that if I lived in the outskirts.

    My husband would like to move out to the country. I would feel isolated. I don't drive anymore. I can't walk to the city safely.

  8. i dont know how right you are about your children not liking cities. i liked living in mumbai, bangalore (although i wouldn't want to live in mumbai anymore. i still like chennai a lot - although i do enjoy coming home and having such wide open spaces, being able to have loud noisy parties without anyone complaining and the clean and fresh rains in which you can have a bath.

  9. Anonymous11:24 PM

    u like chennai?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    n u claim to be a mallu!!!!!!!!

  10. I Know few very nice places to hangout outside Chennai. In Kerala Karnataka Tamil Nadu any where in India.


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