26 March 2007

As I had written after my father's death last year, 40 days after a person's demise is very important in the Orthodox Christian tradition.
The official end of the mourning period for my mother was on 24th. Somehow getting through the 23rd and 24th were very difficult for me. It is such a relief that that's over. I know I will miss my mother, but somehow my heart feels lighter. May her soul rest in peace.


  1. you really believe in this 40th day thingie dont you....i guess it helps a little in the mourning process.

    i'm not really sure about where i stand on the 40-day mourning thing....and the question of whether the soul is on earth for 40 days and stuff, although the theory sounds interesting.

    when i die, i would love it everyone (when i say everyone i mean everyone whom i hold dear to me) got together at some point of time (40th day or anytime before or after that) and had a real fun day together (preferably some white flowers should be present)....so if i was mummy, i would have been pretty happy with how my 40th day turned out!

  2. hill, my mom's spirit lingered in my house, I cannot explain it, until her funeral, which was late, 13 days after she died. She was with me until then, I know this.

    I wrote about my mother today, too, oddly enough.

    I'm about half a world away, but know that I am thinking of you.

  3. thanks esbee!
    love you lawyeramma!

  4. My mother died on ram navami day 6 years back.I still find myself wishing that she were with us.you get on with life but somewhere something in you keeps longing for her physical presence.may your mother's soul rest in peace.


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