19 January 2007

A drink of water

This morning, while I was waiting to go to school 2 (9.30a.m), a squirrel came scampering up near me and, to my surprise, ran in front of me. He must have been just about 2 ft in front. I froze so as not to upset him and watched where he was going. He ran up a little wall near where I was. Then I realized it was water he wanted. I have put something like a birdbath on a slightly higher patch of ground. He headed straight for this and as I watched, he bent over the rim, balancing himself with one paw, and drank water. When he'd had his fill, he wiped his muzzle on the rim, licked his wet paw and went on his way.
It only made my wish for a camera phone even stronger!


  1. Shall I buy you one when I am in Chennai? Your son will be there to hep out on the technical angle and to stop me from going way, way way,overboard...

  2. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed reading yours. I really related to your post in which you said no-one's reading my posts. I sometimes feel like that, I write a post and then I check later but nobody's commented. Why am I doing this I sometimes think. But I think that often people do read but just don't comment. In fact I was reassured when a few of my non blogging friends have said that they read but NEVER comment. Keep blogging, we're out here really :-)

  3. Beks, thanks for the ofer. But have to buy on here cos it's got to be CDMA.
    Sara, thanks for letting me know you're out there :)

  4. We have new baby squirrels every year and even though I often but food under the tree for them, they still try to get in my feeders. I have added inverted pie tins over the feeders to keep them out . i use those that grahmn cracker crusts come in. The squirrels often climb onto my daughters side porch railing and from there they jump a few feet to the fence, run along it to the back fence and up the neighbors trees. Every time there are new babies, the older squirrels seem to disappear.
    Haven`t any way to set out water without it freezing this time of year. squirrels are like little acrobats to watch.


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