26 January 2007

Another tag

I had been tagged by Shari quite a few days back. As usual writing about me brought on writer’s block :( Anyway, here goes:-

The tag was about my style………………………….

1.Style in terms of appearance can be defined by practicality and comfort. So I have curly greying hair cropped short (dyeing and/or straightening all require too much maintenance!), wear glasses with scratch-proof lenses, and dress mostly in cotton handlooms or khadi. As for footwear, it used be one comfortable pair all the time. But after getting a dress-designer daughter-in-law, I atleast try to match my footwear to my outfit occasionally (i.e. black or brown)!

2.Style in the home interior—again practicality is the operative word. As I have dogs who are very much a part of the household, the house is geared for that. The lines of furniture are very simple too, as I hate fussiness in anything. But I’m a very laid-back housekeeper.

3.I thought with this should go the style of the food served at the house. Again practicality and no-fuss rule. So the food we have is down-to-earth; will keep body and soul together. My aesthetically inclined younger son used to occasionally get really irritated about the lack of colour co-ordination in my food—he’s a great cook and takes the trouble to do that.

4.Lastly my style in terms of my relationships………………….here the operative words are easy-going, peaceful (at any cost) and private. [So any hells I go through, I do it alone.] I am very uncomfortable with confrontation, so will do anything to avoid it. I have always tried to make my house a haven of peace for my family and their friends. I don’t know how successful I have been though—especially where my sons are concerned. I guess it’s up to all those who come here to say if that’s true or not!

I hope I have answered your tag ok Shari. I don’t want to tag anybody, but would eve’s lungs, beks, technomalayali and Dot like to do this tag, if you havent already done it?


  1. I love the new blog look! Striking colors - the green is almost the color of the walls in my living room.

    SO glad your mother's doing better.


  2. wow! That makes your living room sound really bright and cheerful!

  3. Hey Sue, I've done the tag!

  4. Sorry, I just found time to read up on your blog again, so just saw where you were tagging me. Give me a few days and I will do my best to do the tag.
    Running off to Therapy so much doesn`t leave me as much time as I would like to enjoy reading friends blogs. Therapy will be over in a few weeks and then I am hoping to be back reading more often.
    Thanks for posting on my blog.

  5. I enjoyed your post about style. I could relate to your thoughts about avoiding confrontation. Me too! And also I agreed with your thoughts about creating a haven of peace in your home. That is my ambition too, but often easier said that done.

  6. thanks Sarah. thought of doing the style tag this way.


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