10 November 2006

a long delayed tag

Dot had asked me to do this tag a long while back & I kept putting it off, mainly cos I find it difficult to talk about myself. Anyway here goes;

1.Something no one else should know:
I won't answer that:) I think many of us would have something like that.
2. Two colours I would never wear.
Fluorescent colours--whatever they may be--and dull brown.
3. Three things I love to eat.
I love to eat! Well, fruits, desserts and our very own Kerala appams with meat curry(pic. below); too many things really, have eclectic tastes.
4. Four things I would never serve a guest.
Anything very sticky--never know what people may like;
Nothing violently coloured cos the colour would probably be artificial then
Lukewarm tea or coffee--yuck
Unusual animal meats.
5. Five things I forget to buy at the grocery store.
If someone asked me to get something while I was talking to someone else or on the phone, you bet I'll forget that!
Nothing else really, except maybe personal stuff for me maybe.
6. Dot's tag says 'six things I like about Autumn'. Since we don't have autumn, maybe I should say six things I like about the month of December, early January--the nearest thing to winter we have!
The light is different then, there seems to be so much clarity. Nights are clear, clear, clear after months of clouds and the sky seems impossibly full of stars. Sometimes it's actually chilly in the evenings--by our standards. It's Christmastime and so usually family's at home. The mango trees start blossoming. The bougainvilleas are in full bloom everywhere. The only time of the year it's not damp.
7. Seven things I value about my family.
I guess what I feel is much like Dot's
That they can always trust each other.
That they know they can always count on each other for sincere help and advice.
That they are helpful and hospitable to others too.
That they are kind to the weaker-whether in terms of health, wealth or personality.
That they all have depth to them--I find this difficult to define any other way.
That they are generally able to be open with each other
and that they are always there for my husband and me, if we need them.
8. Eight things I watch on TV.
Well, to be honest, I never put the TV on if I'm alone. So, if I watch TV, it's whatever anyone else is watching and if I happen to be in the same room, or because my husband or children tell me to watch a specific program. I'd much rather read, be online or listen to music.
9. Nine things I loved about school.
Since I changed schools several times, I'll talk about the last school I attended.
I loved my friends. In hindsight I love the fact that I was responsible for no one but myself.
I loved the vast world of books I got into at that time, both at our school library and outside libraries. I loved my English texts and totally enjoyed Biology classes. We had a very good nun who taught us singing and I loved the singing lessons. I really liked the fact that our school was situated so centrally and walking distance from my house. I have a great fondness for a teacher who taught me when I was maybe in the 8th, who helped me a great deal.
The ninth thing I just can't come up with.
10. Ten things I love about life.
My family,
my friends,
my dogs,
my work which allows me to interact with little children and so keeps my spirit young.
the fact that I have a roof over my head and can eat 3 or 4 or even 5 meals if I so wish.
that I live among so many trees and amidst so much greenery.
that I have eyes to see the beauty around me and ears to hear music, the sound of my grandson, the voices of my family.
that I am also one of God's creations and as worthy of God's love.
that we humans have been given the gift of Hope.
that I am here, a tiny thing in the infinity of the Universe, but still with a mind to be happy if I choose.

I haven't tagged anyone else. Feel free to do this tag anyone who reads this and finds it interesting.


  1. I love that they have jive classes in Kottayam and that you went for it. How fun!
    I am inspired.

  2. 'had' not 'have' is the word. 8 hours of class was packed into 3 days! It was fun though.

  3. Dont u go around putting pix of appams on ur blog - I lust for appams which u dont get in Cal !

  4. I just found your blog through eve's lungs -- and I borrowed your tag! Very nice writing.

  5. Thanks HGMOM. Great tag. Loved learning about your Dec, Jan weather. I felt like I could be sitting under your clear star filled sky and smelling the mango blossoms. Funny thing is I have never smelled mango blossoms. I just thought they might have a sweet smell of their own like apple blossoms do.
    I went to the recipe site but didn`t know what to look under to find appams. It is something I have never heard of before.

  6. The page of the recipe site I linked too has the whole page for the appam recipe. Appam is a kind of leavened bread made with rice flour and coconut milk.

  7. can i have the recipee for appam. i have tasted appam and they definitely are tasty.

    thankyou hillgrandmom

  8. if you click on the 'appam' in the tag, you go to a page which gives a really good recipe for appam. Let me be honest, I usually make it with a mix:)


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