02 October 2006

I want to add--a little late in the day maybe--but hope all of you had a lovely time during these Puja days. Sitting in the heart of Syrian Christian world, I'm far away from the Durga Puja of my high shcool days in Cal!


  1. And now I have no idea what your posts means. :)

    (I've put a brief explanation of Halloween in my comments for you.)

  2. You were in Calcutta?? well Durga puja in Jamshedpur is similar.May be you could visit us for pujas someday.

  3. Puja is a religious festival and basically Puja means worship. But this time of the year there are special Pujas to different Gods. It is celebrated quite differently in different parts of the country. Here, where I stay, only 2 are celebrated. One is a day when all the instruments/machines/implements, you use for work are worshipped for the yeoman service they gave you and for their good & safe performance through the next year. The other is to the Goddess of Learning. So small children are first made to write their letters, traditionally in rice or in sand, by a teacher.
    Long explanation.:)


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