20 September 2006

I have been wanting to put up new posts for quite a while. Sheer laziness at the thought of typing is the main reason I haven't I think.
My husband & I were away in Chennai for a week, to spend time with our grandson. When I came back I wasn't too well and then schools (where I teach) reopened. Besides, as I said, I was just too lazy to type. Then I've been helping my mother update her blog.
I had a good time in Chennai. Us women (my 2 daughters-in-law, daughter, a cousin & I) went for a local production of 'Cats' . It was fun. It may not have been the greatest production, but some of the singing voices were really good and a great deal of effort had gone into the costumes and stage settings.
I also got to spend quality time with grandson. I wish I had got a bit more time to hang out with my son & wife, who live in Chennai too, but they were busy shifting offices. My husband & I got only one evening to spend some quality time with them. I think Steven Covey's idea (in his book for Effective Families)of making a date with just one child at a time is a good idea, but which I have been unable to execute properly till now. I often think about doing that. Sometimes I try to go for a drive with each of them alone. I find drives are very conducive in getting men especially to talk. Maybe I'll make a date with my older son on my next visit there.


  1. Glad you had such a nice time with your family. Hope the next time your son and wife have more free time for you to enjoy visiting more with them.
    Hope you are feeling much better now. What grade or subject do you teach in school?
    Hoping to see more posts in both yours and your Mom`s blogs. Wishing you both the very best.

  2. Great trip to madras?That must've been refeshing.Glad you could spend quality time with your children

  3. date with children...not a bad idea? lets see when i get a chance to experience this.

  4. Good you got to spend some quality time with your children and grandson.

  5. This is tagging time.This time I've tagged you.Please do take it up


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