20 September 2006

I have been wanting to put up new posts for quite a while. Sheer laziness at the thought of typing is the main reason I haven't I think.
My husband & I were away in Chennai for a week, to spend time with our grandson. When I came back I wasn't too well and then schools (where I teach) reopened. Besides, as I said, I was just too lazy to type. Then I've been helping my mother update her blog.
I had a good time in Chennai. Us women (my 2 daughters-in-law, daughter, a cousin & I) went for a local production of 'Cats' . It was fun. It may not have been the greatest production, but some of the singing voices were really good and a great deal of effort had gone into the costumes and stage settings.
I also got to spend quality time with grandson. I wish I had got a bit more time to hang out with my son & wife, who live in Chennai too, but they were busy shifting offices. My husband & I got only one evening to spend some quality time with them. I think Steven Covey's idea (in his book for Effective Families)of making a date with just one child at a time is a good idea, but which I have been unable to execute properly till now. I often think about doing that. Sometimes I try to go for a drive with each of them alone. I find drives are very conducive in getting men especially to talk. Maybe I'll make a date with my older son on my next visit there.