22 August 2006

Hurray for blogging

Every now and then I get this feeling that my blog is so borrrrringgg that maybe I shouldn’t blog anymore. Then I tell myself that it’s supposed to be mainly for myself that I’m blogging. Actually blogging and reading so many different types of blogs has really helped me. Technically I know that one should be interacting in the real world, but for me blogging has helped get over the last bits of my depression. I still have occasional downs, but now I realise they are only downs and not the depths of down that it used to be or the depths of self-loathing (because I used to feel I was the loser to end all losers) that I used to go to. Now I know I may still not be this great winner, but it doesn’t matter all that much at the present time and I’m also better able to choose not to get pulled down by negative statements or random criticisms.

Then the other blog I have, --For the family-- which is a family effort, has been a lot of fun.

So here’s to blogging!


  1. You are sO right! Blogging is great fun -- and can be VERY therapeutic! I say keep it up! And those mangosteens down below look very interesting. I've never seen one here in the U.S. -- though surely we MUST have them somewhere. I'll have to look into it! Also the tinned fruit you mentioned -- I've never heard of that one either. I love almost all fruits though - so I'm sure I'd like to try them!

  2. all tropical fruits melli.

  3. hi hillgrandmom,

    came here through hip hop gradmom...

    things are on a change and life is nowadays into net for many of us.

    so finding friends and reading a few of them does help you interact in your real world too....

    so yes hurray to blogging...

  4. Hi hillgmom,
    thanx for your comment on my blog.how did you find me?you're right blogging helps us more than others.happy blogging!

  5. Hip Grandma, found you through Starry Nights & Andrew.

  6. I sometimes feel like that but have found blogging really therapeutic. I have made so many caring and wonderful friends. They have helped me through my pain and have lifted my spirits up when I was sad. I am so happy to have met these wonderful people from all parts of the world through blogging.

  7. me in a similar dilemma! dont know if I need to kill my blog or let it live!

  8. Hope you are feeling better now after all the blogging.

    With Best Regards,

  9. Good for you!! Never let what others say bring you down. Having so many wonderful blog friends sure is wonderful. It was my internet friends that held me together when I lost my husband. I will always be grateful to them.
    Never think what you post is boring. Having so many posting on your blog is proof that friends enjoy reading your posts. Keep posting.


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