08 August 2006

Fruits I love

Mango season is almost over. Mangoes top the list of my favourite fruits. The other fruit which vies for top spot has to be mangosteen, pictured above. That’s in season now, here in Kerala. I can eat any number of them at one sitting. It has the most heavenly taste—to me anyway (my daughter doesn’t like it!). So I thought I’d make a list of my favourite fruit.

1.As I said mangoes and mangosteen (not from the same family at all) occupy top spot. 2. Then come pineapples, no doubt about it.

3. Then I guess come peaches & nectarines (which I ate fresh for the first time when I visited the US a long while ago).

4. Fourth are litchis, which we used to eat fresh in Calcutta, when I was growing up. Here I only get to eat tinned litchis.

After that I can’t really rank them—concord grapes, cherries, custard apples, papayas (with a squeeze of lime &a smattering of sugar), watermelons—try adding a bit of crushed mint, oranges especially loose jacket ones—I think they are called tangerines in the Western world,

William’s pears, apples especially those which are slightly tart & firm, guavas and of course the jackfruit. In fact I think I like almost every fruit I’ve tasted so far-both dried and fresh-except muskmelons maybe & something called tree tomatoes, which we used to get when I was in boarding school in the Nilgiri Hills.

So tell me all of you, what are your favourite fruits?


  1. I came here thru dot's blog. Amazing personality u hav got. Truly inspiring spirit. Just finished reading all ur posts. Keep posting, maam

  2. my fav is mango and jackfruit. then comes chambakka. guava, papaya, water mellon ..

  3. All the good ole tropical fruits.
    Thanks for the comments.

  4. my favourite is mango, then ofcourse mangostein.. then Durian( king of all fruits!!)..In summer I like to eat water melon I don't like any other fruits, namely apples, oranges grapes etc.. I hate peaches and pear.

  5. 1. scuppernongs
    2. cantelope
    3. honeydew
    4. blueberries
    5. blackberries

    Scuppernongs almost nobody outside of North Carolina has tasted.

  6. Immigrant in Canada I've only heard about durian. But I feel really sorry you don't like the other fruit.
    esbee do please post a picture of a scuppernong on your blog to let us know about it. Otherwise it seems to be melons & berries. Saw your post on dried strawberries. Love all dried fruit too.

  7. Never heard of a fruit called Mangosteen. My favorite is Mango, Jackfruit,Litchies, Guave, Apples, nectarines ,peaches and cherries.and many dried fruits.ONly allergic to Pineapple.

  8. An open mangosteen is the one pictured at the top. I love all of the fruit you've mentioned too.

  9. Call me a plain jane, but there's nothing like an apple to me. Mmmm... I love a nice, crisp apple any time.

    I also love blueberries and so do my children.

    I'm going to take that watermelon tip.

  10. i have tasted mangosteen...

    honestly, speaking i explored out to get some from the fruit seller... but now i know its name.


    and yes i liked the fruit. i ate all that i bought because no oneelse at home wanted to risk. haha


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