09 July 2006

It's a lovely Sunday here today. It's one of those breezy, sunshiny days that come during the South-West Monsoon. I look out of the window and everywhere I look is lush, new-washed green. There is an abundance of butterflies of various hues and sizes. My rambutan tree is full of fruit, slowly ripening and it looks beautiful covered in red fruit as in the picture. I can hear the chittering of squirrels and the twittering of birds. I'm listening to Latin jazz on Internet Radio, with a background of the breeze in the trees.
Lovely, relaxing Sunday!


  1. What fruit is the Rambutan. never heard of it before, the fruit looks so pretty on the tree.Is it edible?

  2. I second Starry Night's comment.

    Those are the kind of Sunday's I cherish. Lazy, easy days when it's warm and sweet outside and everything feels as though it has fallen into place.


  3. Rambutan is actually a fruit native to Malaysia. But it grows very well here in Kerala too. It's a bit like a litchi fruit, but more difficult to get the seed out of. It's a sour sweet kind of fruit.

  4. Gosh.. when I saw the Rambutan, i thought I am visiting my Malaysian friends blogs... I didn't know, rambutan reached kerala shores as well.. I am drooling.. thinking of all the times I used to sit by the road side in KL and eat rambutan and more rambutan and some more rambutan!!!!!
    I am sure you had a beautiful sunday...

  5. Hillgranny,
    U are making me homesick. It's raining like hell back home and I am here in the blistering Chennai heat of 40 degrees!

  6. Hillgranny, There are no weekned off for newspaper trainees...........
    I'm waiting for Onam


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