06 March 2006

green today

I see that my last two blogs have been depressive. So here goes, some descriptions about where I live.
I live in what seems to be the last bastion of woodland in this fast developing area of our small town. So, I still get to hear bird calls when I wake up, though there is competition from bus horns. I get to see a wide variety of birds and butterflies. I see the occasional mongoose, crossing the garden when he knows my dogs are sleep. Very rarely now, I even see a monitor lizard. I guess it really is quite idyllic and certainly a lovely place to bring up children. I have to admit that, even though I am still at heart a city gal. When I look out of my window this afternoon, its green as far as the eye can see. Very peaceful!
But then again, I never had any qualms about the place. I wish everyone a peaceful green day

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